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  • Lessons from the Charismatic Movement

    By Rev. John P. Thackway

    New in 2018

    The Charismatic Movement has been with us for more than 50 years. The sweeping changes it has made in our churches are there for all to see. Many think this is evidence of divine blessing. Others, while not endorsing its beliefs, nonetheless accept its contemporary worship style as necessary if churches are to appeal to outsiders these days.

    In this 16-page booklet, Rev Thackway examines this Movement from history and Scripture. His conclusions challenge us and our churches to make a stand concerning this phenomenon, and learn the lessons it teaches so we can serve our own generation by the will of God.

    Please consider purchasing several copies and giving them to friends, who may be confused and dismayed by the Charismatic Movement. For orders over 5 copies, please email the secretary here with the number required, who will work out the cost, as there will be a saving in postage.

    Available for £2.00 outside the UK, including P&P.

  • Stand Fast for Authentic Evangelicalism

    By Rev. F. J. Harris

    The author has lived through the last 60 years and witnessed the great change from “Old” or “Authentic Evangelicalism” to what is an altogether different form prevalent in most churches in the UK today.

    The Authorised Version of the Bible, the use of “Thee” and “Thou” in prayer, reverent and structured worship, the singing of worthy and God-honouring praise, much heart religion showing itself in godly living, the application of the moral law to believers, and separation from apostasy are largely gone.

    In this article, which was previously serialised in the Quarterly, Mr Harris shows the various movements and factors which have contributed to this sad decline.

    Available for £2.00 outside the UK, including P&P.

  • Marriage

    By Rev. M H Watts & Dr. E S Williams

    This booklet contains two articles:
    Purity before marriage by Rev. M. H. Watts
    Marriage and the Biblical Virtues by Dr. E. S. Williams

    Available for £2.00 outside the UK, including P&P.

  • The New Christian Hymns – A Critique

    By Rev. J.P. Thackway

    Still available – £2.00 outside the UK, including P&P.

  • Worldliness

    By Rev. J.P. Thackway

    Still available £2.00 outside the UK, including P&P.

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