About us

The Bible League Trust came into being on 3 May 1892, just a few months after the death of C.H. Spurgeon.

Then, the “Downgrade” in Great Britain was going on at an alarming rate. Liberal Nonconformists were jettisoning one doctrine after another, including belief in the inspired and inerrant Scriptures. Spurgeon fought bravely to defend the historic faith and The Bible League was founded to help maintain the cause he championed. Since its inception, the League has sought “To promote the Reverent Study of the Holy Scriptures, and to resist the varied attacks made upon their Inspiration, Infallibility and Sole Sufficiency as the Word of God.”

The Bible League Trust aims to:

  • Encourage belief in the inspiration and sufficiency of the Word of God
  • Resist the varied attacks made upon Scripture
  • Promote the reverent study of the Bible

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