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  • 14.10.15

    Alexander Whyte – A Woefully Inadequate Portrait

    By J.P. Thackway

    Here is another pen-portrait from Preachers I Have Heard by Alexander Gammie: Alexander Whyte (1836-1921). To avoid any impression of giving approval to the men under review here, we give...

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  • 07.04.15

    Preachers I Have Heard

    By J.P. Thackway

    Alexander Gammie’s Preachers I Have Heard – Introduction When preparing for the ministry in the early 1970s, it was my privilege to collect many books. Among these were Bible commentaries,...

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  • 08.08.10

    One Thousand Weeks

    By Hazel Stapleton

    The number of weeks in the time from the 8th February 1991 until the 9th April 2010 is one thousand. I wonder how many of us can remember what we...

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  • 05.07.08

    Luke Heywood

    By J.P. Thackway

    The soldier of Fort George During the 18th century the parish of Resolis was blessed in the person of Hector M’Phail, with one of the most eminently useful and laborious...

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  • 09.08.07

    Henry Bullinger and the exposition of Scripture

    By John M. Brentnall

    Introduction One of the most beneficial aspects of the Swiss Reformation was the introduction of regular public Bible studies. Attended by pastors, theology teachers, students and members of the public,...

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  • 08.04.07

    John Cotton (1584-1652)

    By Joel R. Beeke

    John Cotton is remembered as “the patriarch of New England.” He was born in Derby on December 4, 1584, the son of a lawyer, Roland Cotton, and Mary Hurlbert. His...

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  • 08.08.06

    Thomas Fuller

    By Paul Winchester

    “God’s children are immortal while their Father hath any thing for them to do on earth.” (Thomas Fuller 1608­1661). Thomas Fuller, ordained in 1630 as curate of St. Benet’s Church,...

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  • 09.09.01

    Dr. Donald English, CBE (1930-1998) and his Theology

    By Billy Foley

    This article examines some of the theology of Dr Donald English. He was a prominent Methodist minister and leader, exerting a considerable influence during the 1970s and 1980s. I evaluate...

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