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  • 08.03.13

    Westminster Reference Bible

    By J.P. Thackway

    An extended review and appreciation Published by Trinitarian Bible Society ( Fuller details below. Hard on the heels of the four hundredth anniversary of the Authorised Version last year comes...

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  • 08.11.12

    A publication for our time

    By J.P. Thackway

    An extended review of THEY HAVE FORGOTTEN … An urgent plea for evangelicals to recognise the danger of the Ecumenical Movement and remember the stand that the British Evangelical Council...

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  • 27.08.10

    Review of ‘Christian Worship’

    By F.J. Harris

    The publication of a major hymnbook is an event of great significance and the first decade of the 21st Century has seen three such publications – the Praise! hymnbook in...

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  • 27.12.09

    A dangerous book

    By Martin Hagget

    This slender book (barely more than an extended essay) opens with the familiar and sweeping claim that “in 2009, the evidence for evolution by natural selection is overwhelming … in...

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  • 27.11.08

    A book for our time

    By J.P. Thackway

    An extended review, with comment, of Reinventing English Evangelicalism 1966-2001, A Theological and Sociological Study. Dr. Rob Warner. Paternoster (2007), paperback, 284 pages. £19.95. Those of us who remember the...

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  • 27.03.08

    A rebuttal of Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion 1

    By Robert Slane

    Opening Remarks In the last couple of years, Christianity has come under increasingly hostile attacks from fundamentalist atheists. In America, three books in particular – Letter to a Christian Nation...

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  • 08.06.07

    The believer’s Daily Remembrancer

    By Margaret E. Thackway

    A review and appreciation Imagine you are at home, and there is a knock at the door. Your pastor is standing there, and delighted, you invite him in. After exchanging...

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  • 11.12.04

    Three modern versions – a review

    By J.P. Thackway

    No one can deny that we live in the midst of a propaganda war. Publishing houses aggressively promote their Bible translations to persuade the Christian reader that a given version...

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