• 08.05.02

    Our sacred trust: Part 2

    By John M. Brentnall

    What is our duty, then, in the present crisis? It is to urge both ourselves and others, whenever we have the opportunity, to live and act in accordance with the...

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  • 08.02.02

    Our sacred trust: Part 1

    By John M. Brentnall

    Within the Church the denial of the Bible as the revealed Word of God is a comparatively recent phenomenon. For centuries after its completion no church writer denied that “what...

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  • 08.11.01

    The Lamb’s Book of Life 1

    By Malcolm H. Watts

    Books have been used from earliest times and, generally speaking, have served two purposes: a. They have recorded facts. Several books written for that reason are mentioned in the Bible....

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  • 09.09.01

    Dr. Donald English, CBE (1930-1998) and his Theology

    By Billy Foley

    This article examines some of the theology of Dr Donald English. He was a prominent Methodist minister and leader, exerting a considerable influence during the 1970s and 1980s. I evaluate...

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