Category: Science

  • 07.04.15

    The Grim Fruit of Evolution

    By Warren Nunn

    The Boy Who’s Proud To Be A Killer Will Cornick murders teacher in front of classmates in Leeds England The horrendous stabbing murder1 of an English high school teacher and...

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  • 27.10.10

    Balancing body temperature

    By Randy J. Guliuzza PE MD

    A major achievement for design engineers is building precise control mechanisms for active processes. Lives depend on the precision in which certain processes are maintained, such as the manufacture of...

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  • 27.03.08

    A rebuttal of Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion 1

    By Robert Slane

    Opening Remarks In the last couple of years, Christianity has come under increasingly hostile attacks from fundamentalist atheists. In America, three books in particular – Letter to a Christian Nation...

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